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Saronic islands – the natural beauty of Greece

What could be better to discover the amazing corners of Saronic islands, lying on luxurious furnishings of a comfortable yacht with a glass of wine in hand? On our AA Charter board you will feel like a real Greek god…

Saronic islands are the part of the largest gulf of the Aegean sea. There is the largest port of Greece – Piraeus. The Islands are Aegina, Hydra and Poros.


  • Aegina

The island is the largest of the group and has a heart shape. It is located 27 km from Athens. Aegina was the first capital of Greece for 2 years after its liberation from the Ottoman authorities. According to legend the name comes from the nymph Aegina, who was kidnapped from Zeus and brought by him to this island. With the birth of her son Zeus has ruled the island.


  • Hydra

Hydra is situated near the east coast of the Peloponnese peninsula. Port of Hydra is the largest place on the island, which has a crescent shape. The charm of this paradise lies in the cobbled streets and tidy houses with red tiled roofs and colored doors. People moves with horses, donkeys, mules and bicycles, because there is no motor traffic. It is believed that the island’s name comes not from the mythical monster Hydra (sister of Medusa), but from the Greek word for water. Hydra has a very dry climate and that’s why the people reserves large tubes of water and even keep melted snow from the winter.


  • Poros

It is a small island, divided into 200-meters sea’s channel in the Peloponnese. It consists of two separate Islands connected by a bridge. It is believed that Poros is an island of the sea God Poseidon. According to archeological findings the island was populated even in the Bronze age. A magnet for tourists is also a small town, which was built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the hill. Poros’s greatest attraction is the clock tower built in 1927.

Athens – the Sea empire of Ancient Greece

In search of places in Greece and discovery its natural beauties there is no how to skip the cultural and economic development of Athens. The name of the capital comes from the guardian of the city – Greek goddess Athens. The city has become a tourist center offering various destinations. By renting a yacht from AA Charter you will enjoy a memorable vacation in the Greek islands.


The history of Athens continues to be one of the most important cities for several centuries. It is inhabited at least 7 thousand years without interruption. The oldest traces of people refer to the period of the eleventh Millennium b.c. In Ancient times the settlement became one of the centers of Mycenaean civilization. Therefore the Acropolis was built the fortress, from which are preserved plots of Cyclopean masonry that can be seen today. In the next century the city declined and the Athenians have always believed they are pure Ionians without impurities from invaders.

After 900 b.c. Athens is becoming a leading center of trade and business is experiencing an upswing. The funerals was especially rich during the Iron age. The heyday of the city can be attributed to its Central location also it is a reliable fortress of the Acropolis and its easy access to the sea – an advantage over rivals, as Thebes and Sparta. In the VI century b.c. Athens becomes a significant naval power with a large fleet and help for the rebellion of the Greek cities in Asia Minor against the Persian Empire. In the end Athens along with Sparta managed to win and headed a coalition of Greek cities. Decades after that a large part of Greece was invaded and sacked by the Persians.



The most important city after this period again recovers and there begins a Golden age of Athens, who laid the foundations of Western civilization. During this prosperous period was creating the greatest playwrights – Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, the philosopher Socrates, the doctor Hippocrates, and the historians Herodotus and Thucydides. The city begins the reconstruction of the Acropolis including the Parthenon temple, led by Pericles. Athens builds and new own sea Empire –called Delian Maritime Union. At the end of V-th century b.c. Athens was defeated by its rival Sparta and dealing a political blow.

There is also huge interest from the Macedonian Kingdom for the big cities in Greece. The army of king Philip II put an end to the independence of Athens and Thebes in 338 b.c. Powerful shock applied and also and the Roman Republic in 146 b.c. The fortifications of the city was destroyed for many years. Under the rule of the Romans Athens continued to be an important cultural centre, famous by its schools. In the second century the Emperor Hadrian began the construction of public buildings and an aqueduct that is used in this days.

Cyclades – the island garlands of the Aegean sea

Feel the magic of Cyclades islands by renting some of our sailing luxury yachts. The Cyclades are located in the Central area of the Aegean sea in Greece. They are group of more than 200 Islands, located off the North-West to South-East. The larger Islands are well-known resorts such as Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, Paros, Sifnos and many more.


  • Santorini

Santorini as the resort began to develop in 1960. It continues to be a great tourist center until today. On the island can feel domestic Greek style combined with modern luxury. The beaches are surrounded by crystal clear water and the most famous among them are Red, White, Black beach and the beach of lovers.


  • Mykonos

There is nothing more beautiful and cozy place from Mykonos! The symbols of the island is Petros the pelican and the windmills. The main city Hora has a specific architecture. The houses are white, cobourne, the streets are narrow and colored with white paint.


  • Milos

This is the South-West island, located to the North of the sea of Crete island. Here is the famous statue of Aphrodite “Venus de Milo” (now in the Louvre). The statues of the sea God  Poseidon and the God of music and arts – Apollon are also in there. This is one of the reasons Milos to acquire its well-deserved popularity, attracting every summer tourists from around the world.


  • Paros

This island is located in the heart of the Aegean sea and were first inhabited by the Achaean Greeks. This Greeks are also mentioned in epic poem “The Iliad” as allies of the Trojans. In the year 1100 b.c. here settled the ancient Greek tribes – Ionians. The historical Paros is popular with a fine-grained white marble, which attracts tourists until today.


  • Sifnos

It is located in the Western part of Cyclades islands and has a wedge-shaped, which is due to the old name “Akis”. The main town is Apollonia, which is filled with long hills. Here are some of the best masters of ceramics, who inspires the curious tourists. The island is popular with divine products as figs, cheese, capers, wine, honey, sweet almonds, copper cakes, pastels and perfectly handmade fabrics and ceramics.