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Historical mysteries of Marina Alimos

Marina Alimos is the epicenter of all the major yacht clubs in Greece. From here begins the rediscovery of new and unknown lands, familiarizing with new tradition of local people and consideration of their peculiar cultural attractions. This can become a challenge for anyone wishing to merge with new worlds in ancient Greek history and legends. By hiring one of our luxury yachts from AA-Charter guarantee you a memorable holiday in the middle of Greek waters. Learn the story of Marina Alimos and be irresistible travelers with one of our catamarans.

Alimos is a municipality in southern Athens, established in 1968 and includes villages such as the seaside town Kalamaki. The old name is Euonymeia and medieval name is Trachones. It situated on the coast of the Saronic Gulf near downtown Athens. The region shows some of the earliest urban settlements in Europe, dating from the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. Proof of this are the great archaeological excavations that include forts, Mycenaean workshops, Paleochristian and Byzantine churches. In classical antiquity Alimos had been fishing town on the outskirts of the city-state Athens and it is one of the largest divisions of historical Attica. Proof of its development during this period are the remains of the amphitheater Ano Kalamaki, which were quite unusual shape of the ancient world – with a rectangular design. Some of the earliest and best preserved examples of Athenian geometric ceramics are as collections in museums, including two large vases exhibited in the Museum of art in New York “Metropolitan”.

At its peak Ano Kalamaki was one of the most densely populated communities of ancient Athens during the 5th and 4th centuries BC. At that time it had its acropolis, theater and religious holidays. Some residents even played a major role in Athenian politics and public life – in the trial of Socrates and the expeditions of Peloponnesia war.

The most significant historical background remains the historian Thucydides, who was born in Alimos. Through his “History of Peloponnesia war” he tells of the war between Sparta and Athens in 411 BC where Thucydides has been named “the father of scientific history”. Thucydides became a major figure and emblem of Alimos where today is built bust of him.

Ionian Islands – the tourist centre of Greece

The Ionian Islands consist of 6 large and many small Islands: Lefkada, Ithaca, Zakynthos, Corfu, Kythira and more. They are located in the Ionian sea and are part of Greece. If you want to descover their natural reality you need to rent any of our sailing beauties yachts, to join into a mysterious places.


  • Lefkada

The are a few large resorts on the East coast of the island Lefkada which are populated mostly during the warmer time of the year. A large number of beaches are a favorite place for relaxation and the most famous of them are Porto Katsiki, Nydri and Egremni beaches.


  • Ithaca

The island is the last area from the group of the Ionian Islands.He has an extended shape.  East coast is cut into numerous bays and capes. Here are very beautiful beaches which are mostly small stones. Ithaca is known primarily as the birthplace and Kingdom of the hero of Greek epic poems – “Odyssey”.


  • Zakynthos

Zakynthos is the southern of the island group and the third of largest. His shaped like an irregular triangle. The beauty of the island has been described from the ancient Greek poet Omir, who indicates there is lots of green forests. The combination with the beautiful beaches of Zakynthos continues to inspire lovers of natural resources.


  • Corfu

It is the second largest island of the Ionian sea and are located close to the coast of the Albanian town of Saranda. The island is with a magnificent geographical relief of the Northern part of the mountain, the climate is extremely healthy. In the coast of the island are lapping waves of three seas – the Ionian, Adriatic and Mediterranean sea. Here the history is rising and remembered their heroes – the Iceland’s name comes from beloved wife of Poseidon.


  • Kythira

Kythira is the smallest island of Ionian’s group, which is washed by the waters of the Aegean sea. The island takes its name from Kythiro – the king of the Phoenicians. According to Greek mythology here is the birthplace of the most beautiful god of Olympus – Aphrodite. Kythira is also a cultural and archeological cohabitation of Greeks, Osmanen, British and Venetians.

Yacht – the floating palace in 21-th century

Some of the most beautiful and wonderful places in the world are located in Greece – country of tourist destinations. The proof of this is from Ancient Ellada, when the Greeks ruled their territories. They realize “there’s something pure and clear in Greece – in nature and people”. Even in mythology the images of their gods were captivated by this heavenly beauty places with high mountains and hills. All nature was endowed with one more incredible charm that still tempted tourists from everywhere – exotic green islands of Greece. They are grouped into a few large islands and their number is extremely large – between 1200 and 6000 islands, among whom 227 are inhabited.

One of the most pleasant and accessible way to touch the gold sands on the Greek islands, is to hire a suitable sailboat – yachts. By choosing this option, we will feel the spaciousness and freedom of being at wide sea. Contact with nature is better way to feel the sound of new exotic destination. That’s why yacht becomes a compact symbol of freedom and adventure, which many dream of. If you’re on vacation with family and friends, romantic occasion or a business trip, the boat provides a full capacity for earning some wonderful and unforgettable moments. Only this kind of experience leaves everlasting memories.

In the era of postmodernism yachts are transformed by the new technologies and innovations in this field, including maximum comfort and full of goodies. The luxury of their stylish appearance combines modernism and high class – representing the floating palaces! The service is also in a high level. By trying carefully prepared dishes and summer cocktails, you will experience the Greek traditional taste. That is better way to combine the sea breeze with something delicious.

At the final the yacht becomes a floating universe, showing us a delicate and modern way to see the new horizons and sunny beaches. The magic of yachts satisfy the desires of every adventurer and this is the right way to feel like a real god! Nice sailing on board!