Historical mysteries of Marina Alimos

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Alimos is a municipality in southern Athens, established in 1968 and includes villages such as the seaside town Kalamaki. The old name is Euonymeia and medieval name is Trachones. It situated on the coast of the Saronic Gulf near downtown Athens. The region shows some of the earliest urban settlements in Europe, dating from the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. Proof of this are the great archaeological excavations that include forts, Mycenaean workshops, Paleochristian and Byzantine churches. In classical antiquity Alimos had been fishing town on the outskirts of the city-state Athens and it is one of the largest divisions of historical Attica. Proof of its development during this period are the remains of the amphitheater Ano Kalamaki, which were quite unusual shape of the ancient world – with a rectangular design. Some of the earliest and best preserved examples of Athenian geometric ceramics are as collections in museums, including two large vases exhibited in the Museum of art in New York “Metropolitan”.

At its peak Ano Kalamaki was one of the most densely populated communities of ancient Athens during the 5th and 4th centuries BC. At that time it had its acropolis, theater and religious holidays. Some residents even played a major role in Athenian politics and public life – in the trial of Socrates and the expeditions of Peloponnesia war.

The most significant historical background remains the historian Thucydides, who was born in Alimos. Through his “History of Peloponnesia war” he tells of the war between Sparta and Athens in 411 BC where Thucydides has been named “the father of scientific history”. Thucydides became a major figure and emblem of Alimos where today is built bust of him.